Gray Panthers 

Group of Grey Panthers

The Grey Panthers

Sponsored by

The Memphis Center for Independent Living

Who We Are

The Grey Panthers are a peer-to-peer support group for seniors sponsored by the Memphis Center for Independent Living. It is our mission to support and share information used to improve the quality of life for seniors. We are a vibrant group of seniors that meet the third Friday of each month from 1:00 p.m. until 2:30 p.m. Our meetings are at different locations: First Congo Church, 1000 S. Cooper, Union Ave Baptist Towers, 2198 Courtland Place and City View Towers, 256 S. Camilla St.


Phone: 1-312-626-6799

Meeting ID: 236 013 2378

Passcode: 5100

The Grey Panthers topics are discussion:

Social and cultural activities include the Senior Zoo Safari our favorite event, Theater Memphis, Brooks Museum of Arts and many more!

You can view a photo journal of the Grey Panthers